10th International Scientific Conference Faculty of Management
Cracow University of Economics

Conference Data

Conference's Name 10th International Scientific Conference Faculty of Management Cracow University of Economics
Conference's dates May 29 - 30, 2018 Id 5
Registration deadline 27 September 2018 Payment deadline 10 May 2018
Abstracts' decisions deadline 20 April 2018 Paper deadline 27 September 2018

Conference Assumptions

The economy of the early 21st century is commonly identified with the era of knowledge and innovative technologies. The processes of globalization and social and economic integration, initiated as early as in the previous century, have exposed the growing significance of intangible resources as key determinants of the functioning and development of enterprises and the factor enabling the growth of their competitiveness on the global market. The development of the scope and the way of using these resources has exerted a significant influence on the whole system of enterprise management, and within it on the areas, such as: finance, marketing, production, logistics, human resources and research and development. At the same time, it has become a premise for improving the instruments used in individual areas of management, including also the instruments based on the application of IT tools and quantitative methods. Fast development of IT techniques and technologies, related, among others, with the occurrence and popularization of the Internet, has become an important factor stimulating the transformations taking place. The intellectualization of business activity has created new opportunities in enterprise functioning, the occurrence and development of the e-business sphere included. The processes of the intellectualization of activity refer to all areas of enterprise management. However, their influence on the sphere of human resources management and its evolution towards human capital management is perceived in a special way, as a unique component of enterprise economic resources.

Therefore, this year’s conference as its basic goal sets facing the challenges arising from the mentioned transformations in the systems of enterprise management and indicating optimum management and analytical solutions ensuring effectiveness and efficiency of enterprise functioning, as well as an ability to compete on the global market. Simultaneously, the international and pragmatic character of the conference creates conditions to confront Polish experiences with the experiences of the representatives of other countries from the perspective of science and economic practice.

Main topics of the conference

  • Theoretical and application problems of management,
  • Enterprise management on the global market,
  • Information, knowledge and intellectual capital management,
  • Managing information in an enterprise,
  • Information systems in management of organizations,
  • Innovativeness and entrepreneurship,
  • Commercialization of scientific researches,
  • Methods and quantitative tools in management,
  • Financial management,
  • Accounting in organization management,
  • Marketing aspects of enterprise management,
  • Management in tourism and leisure sector.