Main topics of the conference

  • Application and theoretical problems of management
  • Enterprise management in the global market
  • Information, knowledge and intellectual capital management
  • Human capital management
  • Quality and product management issues
  • Accounting and controlling in organization management
  • Marketing aspects of enterprise management
  • Management in the tourism and leisure sector
  • Information systems in management of organizations
  • Artificial intelligence and business processes automation
  • Innovativeness and entrepreneurship
  • Financial management
  • Sustainable socio-economic development
  • Commercialization of scientific research

Events within the Conference

  1. Plenary session
    The conference will start with a plenary session, which will be translated simultaneously. As part of this session selected papers from domestic and foreign participants will be presented.
  2. Panel sessions
    As part of the conference, it is planned to organize themed sessions in the following areas: management, marketing, tourism, accounting and controlling, quality and IT. During these sessions it will be possible to present selected papers and participate in themed discussion panels. A separate doctoral session is also planned.
  3. Panel of practitioners
    It is planned to organize a meeting of practitioners during which a discussion panel about current domestic and international economic challenges will take place. Commercialization of scientific research will also be addressed.
  4. Student’s session
    As part of the conference, panel sessions will be held for students of domestic and foreign universities. The outcome of these sessions will be a separate monograph in the form of an e-book, collecting the achievements of the student session participants. An important element of the student session will also be a poster session, giving young scientists the opportunity to present the results of conducted research and discussions on scientific posters.

Conference Brochures

Polish Brochure - for domestic participants

English Brochure - for foreign participants