11th International Scientific Conference Faculty of Management
Cracow University of Economics

Conference Data

Conference's Name 11th International Scientific Conference Faculty of Management Cracow University of Economics
Conference's dates May 29 - 30, 2019 Id 6
Registration deadline 30 June 2019 Payment deadline 30 April 2019
Abstracts' decisions deadline 15 April 2019 Paper deadline 30 June 2019

Students participation conditions

Dear Students,

This year, as within previous editions of our conference, we are organizing a special sessions for 1st and 2nd degree students. This is a great opportunity for you to present your own articles, to publish them and gain precious experience regarding participation in a scientific conference.

Participation in our Conference will be of a great value in your future academic and scientific careers. It may also help you in getting scholarships, grants or other awards.

The general procedure of conference participation is as follows:

  1. You register for the conference using this website, choosing the correct registration type (student) and providing your personal data.
  2. You send the photocopy of your student's ID card confirming that you are a student. 
  3. You send the abstract of your paper through this website. The abstract is sent through a form, so you just copy and paste unformatted text.
  4. You wait for the approval or disapproval of your abstract.
  5. Once it's approved you pay the conference fee.
  6. You send the full article before the appropriate deadline.
  7. You come to the conference and present your work (Power Point presentations are the most popular).

We wanted to make your participation as easy and affordable as we could, so there are some differences between students and regular participants:

  • Fees: Conferece fees are lower than regular ones (200 PLN/ 50 EUR) and include: participation in debates, coffee breaks.
  • Launches: Conferece fees include one launch in the students' canteen on the day of the students' session. 
  • Publications: All student papers will be reviewed. Depending on the reviewer's feedback articles will be qualified (or not) for official publication. Final articles will be published in a separate publishing with its own ISBN number.
  • Presentations and papers languages: English or Polish - it's up to you which language you choose to present your paper. What is more, you can have your paper published in Polish if that language feels more comfortable to you (regular participants are published in English only).
  • Poster session: If you doesn't feel comfortable in public speaking, for the second time there will also be a poster session for students and doctoral students, giving young scientists the opportunity to present the results of research and to conduct discussions with the use of scientific posters.
  • "Co-authorship": if your paper is written by several authors, you only have to register and pay for one author. During the paper upload you will be asked to provide all the names of coauthors of the article.
  • Accommodation: is not included in your fee and is not included in the regular fee as well. All our guests have to do some hotel reservations. Hostels or friend sleepovers are probably most common options for students.

All remaining conference requirements, deadlines and terms are the same as for regular participants.